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Boost Participation with Employee Outreach

Maximizing the number of participants in your company-sponsored 401(k) plan isn’t an easy task. But it’s essential to maximizing your plan’s benefit. Looking for ways to engage your employees and encourage buy-in?

Sage Rutty offers solutions. We help businesses like yours identify barriers to participation, strategize ways to encourage engagement, and provide retirement planning and investment education to your employees. 


It All Starts With Enrollment

What’s holding your employees back from investing in their 401(k)? Are they unsure of the benefits? Unaware of the incentives? Sage Rutty specializes in helping businesses increase plan participation.

These are some of the ways we can help:

  • Face-to-face enrollments for all new hires

  • Developing a plan that encourages enrollment 

  • Identifying barriers to entry, e.g. a long waiting period

  • Using incentives to encourage participation 

  • Developing resources and educational programming to showcase the benefits 

  • Loans, in-service withdrawals and hardship distributions 

  • Offering a range of plan options


Bottom line, increasing participation starts with a solid plan. Not sure if your plan is up to snuff? Request a free plan review today.

Are Your 401(k) Fees Reasonable?

Because Not All of Us Speak “Finance” 

Education is essential for putting employees at ease and helping them to understand the benefit of investing in their future. But chances are, your employees aren’t 401(k) experts.

That’s how the Sage Rutty Team can help. We strive to make personal finance accessible. Whether that means explaining the stock market with bananas, or handing out lotto tickets for correct answers, Sage Rutty’s Certified Financial Planner Practitioners™ know how to make 401(k) investing interesting and engaging.

Sage Rutty provides in-person and virtual educational programming and enrollment meetings to businesses in Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse and Western New York. We connect with and educate participants in a variety of ways, including:

  • On-site and virtual enrollment meetings 

  • 1:1 financial guidance

  • Communicating with new hires 

  • Educating your employees on non-retirement subjects

  • Providing resources to employees 

  • Answering employee questions via phone and email 


Dealing with an Aging Workforce?

Delayed retirements can be expensive for your business. In fact, every year an employee delays retirement beyond the age of 65 can cost an employer $50,000 in additional insurance costs, salary and other expenses, according to a Prudential Insurance study.

Make sure your employees are prepared. The Sage Rutty Retirement Concierge Service™ is designed to help employees nearing retirement prepare and plan for the next chapter. You want employees who show up to work because they want to be there, not because they need to be. Let us help those who have committed their career to your business retire confidently.

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