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HR Made Easy: Comprehensive 401(k) Management

Coordinating a company-sponsored 401(k) plan is a full-time job. From tracking eligibility and enrolling new hires, to distributing disclosures and scheduling education, there are so many moving parts for HR departments to consider.

We can help. HR Made Easy is our approach to 401(k) advising. Our goal: The Sage Rutty Team becomes an extension of your HR team, providing expert 401(k) advice to you and your employees.


How We Help

We take the burden of managing a 401(k) program off your HR department. No more questioning how to interpret plan rules or worrying whether all your requirements are being fulfilled. We help with:

  • Taking issues and fires off your plate

  • Eligibility tracking

  • Preparing and distributing required documents and disclosures to enrollees

  • New hire enrollment and investment advising

  • Rollover support

  • Answering employee questions

  • Distribution notices

  • Enrollment scheduling

  • Group and 1-on-1 Education

  • Reaching out to terminated participants


Interested in partnering with Sage Rutty? Connect with our 401(k) team today.

Are Your 401(k) Fees Reasonable?

Your Company’s 401(k) Specialist

We’re locally owned and based in Rochester; we pride ourselves on connecting with and building relationships with all of our clients. What that means:


Dedicated Account Managers

You aren’t calling a 1-800 Number. You’re connecting directly with a representative who you’ll know on a first-name basis.


Friendly Customer Support

We know 401(k) and we’re happy to provide our knowledge to you and your employees.


 Flexible Enrollment Scheduling

We accommodate your schedule and are equipped to connect in-person, virtually, or by phone.

Participant Advocating

Helping participants navigate the investment process is time-consuming; let us manage all participant inquiries and issues.

Bottom line, we may not have all the answers, but  when it comes to 401(k) plans we know where to go to find them.

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